Films for ground cultivation

Skuteczna ochrona roślin i upraw

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Films for mulching. They are used in agriculture, gardening and plant nursery.

Effectively preventing the growth of weeds, maintain moisture and soil temperature at the right level.

The film is most commonly used in nurseries of coniferous plants and strawberry growing. It works very well when setting gardens, to cover the scarps and as a base under the bark and stones.

The main features of the film:

  • maintains adequate soil moisture; perforation provides optimum water permeability into the soil;.
  • allows the heating of the soil what thereby enhances the root systems of plants;
  • creates a dry, clean substrate, raising the phytosanitary conditions, improves their quality,
  • accelerates the growth of plants.

Protects against :

  • proliferation of weeds;
  • bacteria;
  • harmful insects;
  • damages by rodents and birds;
  • too rapid loss of ground water.

There is possible to perform any amount of holes, depending on customer preferences.