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3- or 5-layer shrink films with improved mechanical and physical properties.

For packaging of expanded polystyrene, work best films made in the 5-layer technology and in thicknesses from 18 microns to 45 microns. This allows reducing the thickness of the package which is a feature particularly desirable for foam manufacturers.

Most popular configurations are tapes with width from 890 mm to 1350 mm or half-sleeves with width up to 1600mm.

Particular features:

  • resistance to tearing and breaking;
  • high flexibility;
  • adjusting the film properties to the required coefficient of friction of the packaging machine;
  • high aesthetic value which translates into better marketing of products.

Configuration of the film:

  • Film thickness can be adjusted in the range of 18 my to 350 my.
  • Coloured films (in full colour range) or transparent films as a starting base.
  • Printing to a width of 2000mm.

Ability to provide the film on rolls of any length and all winding codes compatible with a packaging machine of a customer.