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Packaging film for yacht hulls and other parts of the boat as well as canoes.

They are made from LDPE granules – shrinkable.

Yacht foils from UNIPLAST meet the most important task – effective protection and load protection during storage and transport.

Our yacht films hold:

  • very high mechanical strength;
  • puncture resistance;
  • a high level of shrinkage;
  • UV resistance.

Raw material base proven for years and appropriate additives allow for reproducible production of high quality packaging for the yachting industry.

Yacht foils are produced in the form of sleeves or half-sleeves dyed in white.

The most commonly used widths (after half-sleeve unfolding or sleeve cutting) are:

  • 4300 mm
  • 5400 mm
  • 6000 mm

The predominant thicknesses are:

  • 150 μm
  • 170 μm