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Implementation of the flexographic prints applies to any type of our products.

Our customers want their final product is consistent with the visual identification of the company, fulfill marketing functions and looks innovative. To meet these expectations, we have equipped our factory in 4 modern printers with a maximum print width of 2500 mm and a capacity of 500 tons per month.

We can convert all visions to actual product with the manufacturer’s logo or any graphic design.

As a supplement to print services, we can offer you professional design. For this purpose, we cooperate with graphic studios, which could prepare a clear, attractive and eye-catching design. We’ll take care of its implementation!


It is possible to print the project in 8 different colors. This allows you to effectively build a corporate identity after the printing of the appropriate logo and pattern.


Prints made by us play a very important function of advertising. Patterns located on a given product cause that customers identify it with the company much faster.

Prints maintain positive relationships with customers, so they more often buy products marked with the logo of the well-known and trusted company. Relatively low cost, we can make your product will have all these features. At relatively low cost we can make your product will have all these features.


High product quality is our top priority, we offer prints resistant to external factors, low temperatures, fat, preservatives or wiping.

We guarantee that implemented prints positively translate into the product and the company marketing, building positive relationships with the customer.